Insurance for Imported Bikes


Bike lovers who set their sights on acquiring limited edition models not available in India often take the import route to fulfil their wishes. However, ensuring adequate bike insurance renewal and optimal own damage cover is as vital for these valuable imported bikes as for mainstream models playing locally.

Understanding the nuanced considerations for insurance policy for bikes when it comes to imported two-wheelers enables owners to fully safeguard these prized assets. This comprehensive guide explores all key facets of imported bike insurance including the own damage cover in bike insurance.

 What is Imported Bike Insurance?

There is no separate insurance category tailored specifically for imported bikes. The standard motor insurance plans, i.e. Third Party and Comprehensive Insurance, apply. However, given their higher costs, scarce availability of compatible spare parts, and specialised repair requirements, maximum insurance coverage is highly advisable for imported bikes.

The key types of 2-wheeler insurance online policies relevant to imported bikes are:

  • Third-Party Liability Only: Mandatory coverage protecting against third-party damages/injuries.
  • Comprehensive Insurance: Optional add-on also covering own damage and theft. Strongly recommended for imported bikes.

 Scope of Coverage

While third-party liability insurance is mandatory, it only covers damages to third-party vehicles/people. Comprehensive insurance for imported bikes provides extensive protection:

  • Accident-Related Damage: Covers repair bills arising from accidents.
  • Theft: Provides financial assistance in case the valuable bike is stolen.
  • Natural Disasters: Protects against flooding, storms, lightning, earthquakes etc.
  • Man-made Disasters: Covers riots, strikes, malicious damages etc.

Additionally, supplementary covers like zero depreciation, personal accident cover, roadside assistance, etc., further widen the scope.

 Insured Declared Value Considerations

The premium calculation considers the bike’s Insured Declared Value (IDV) along with cubic capacity, policyholder details and tenure.

The IDV benchmark is typically the ex-showroom price as per the original purchase invoice after depreciation. However, additional import expenses may not get factored in by some insurers. So, owners need to evaluate permissible IDV carefully.

 How Imported Bike Insurance Differs

While the coverage offered is largely similar, certain aspects need special attention when buying online bike policies for imported bikes:

  • Higher Premiums: Given higher base costs, premiums charged for imported bike insurance are higher than those for mainstream models.
  • Spare Parts Factor: Compatible spare parts often need importation, increasing claims processing costs and thereby inflating insurer payouts.
  • Value Consideration: Some insurers only consider ex-showroom amount as IDV benchmark rather than full landed import cost inclusive of customs duty.
  • Ownership Documents: Additional papers, like import invoices, customs clearance certificates, etc., may be required during claims processing.

 How To Get Optimal Coverage

When buying bike policy online for their prized imported possession, owners must:

  • Compare quotes from multiple insurers instead of merely renewing existing policy
  • Opt for maximum permissible IDV to enhance claim settlement amounts
  • Choose comprehensive insurance with relevant add-ons for the fullest protection
  • Disclose details regarding import paperwork, accessory invoices, anti-theft devices etc. accurately
  • Keep all bike documents safe. They will be needed if claiming insurance.

 How Claim Processing Differs

While the overall claims processing procedure remains similar, a few additional aspects need focus:

  • Supporting import papers may need submission to establish valid ownership.
  • As damaged parts often need importation, additional time may be required for repairs/replacement – especially for non-traceable spare parts.
  • Cost assessment relies on invoice prices in the imported bike’s home market. Evaluation becomes tricky if prices change post-original purchases.

 Additional Challenges for Imported Bike Insurance

Insuring imported bikes poses certain additional challenges both for owners and insurers:

  • Limited Data Points: As imported bikes comprise a small share of the overall two-wheeler market, the availability of historical data regarding repair costs, claims ratios, parts rates, etc., is scarce. This makes pricing policies accurately difficult.
  • Specialised Skill Requirements: Servicing and repairing imported bikes requires specialised skills and training among mechanics, which may be lacking in standard garages. This affects the quality of repairs and claim costs.
  • Longer Wait Times: Sourcing compatible spare parts internationally and getting them custom-cleared takes extra time – leading to longer wait times for starting repairs. Owners may be without their prized bikes for weeks.
  • Counterfeit Parts Risk: Cheap counterfeit spare parts with inferior quality often flood markets to capitalise on limited part availability. This poses problems if they get fitted during insurance-covered repairs.

Tips to Enhance Two-wheeler Insurance Policy Experience

Certain proactive measures can help enhance the insurance coverage experience for imported bike owners:

  • Ask about international tie-ups: Check if the insurer has overseas network garages for quality repairs.
  • Evaluate add-ons wisely: Pick only relevant covers instead of blanket additions.
  • Keep paperwork organised: Maintain proper documentation to ease claims processing.
  • Utilise technology: Leverage telematics online tools for faster approvals/updates


Insuring imported bikes necessitates extra diligence given their unique constraints compared to mainstream models regarding higher IDV considerations, repair complexity, parts availability, etc. When looking to protect your prized imported two-wheeler possessions adequately, experienced specialists like Tata AIG facilitate optimally covering these unique assets.

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