Riding a Motorcycle During a Pandemic


The Covid-19 pandemic has put a strain on economies, people, and governments around the world. We are living in unprecedented times and getting to grip with restrictions and regulations is not easy. Being stuck at home can take its toll on our physical and mental health. If you are planning on purchasing a new bike and you are excited about riding alone, here are some best practices to follow during a pandemic.

Order in Advance

If you are thinking about buying a new bike and you would like it to delivered to your home, it is important to order in advance. When the pandemic was in full swing motorbike dealerships were inundated with calls for new orders. People were tired of being at home and they wanted to experience the open road on a new motorcycle.

To ensure orders came on time and customers were not disappointed, you had to pre-order a bike and have a Yamaha motorcycles contract sent to your home. Once you had a contract order, you were guaranteed a new motorcycle.

Mental Health

Australian citizens are lucky that the Covid situation has been well-handled and things are gradually getting back too normal. People have been stuck in their homes for a long time and most things have been shut to the public, only essential services were open during the highest point of the outbreak.

You just never know when another spike can occur, if you have access to a bike, you can follow state regulations to see when it is safe to ride. Getting out of the house helps you to improve your mental health, and having a bike means you are less likely to mix with others.


During a pandemic, you can sometimes ride for pleasure if you are going off-road and you are riding in a remote area. This all depends on the situation in your state, so it is best to follow local broadcasts. When strict measures are in place, you can only use your bike for essential travel, such as:

  • Medical purposes
  • Work or volunteer
  • Obtain essential goods or services
  • Go to exercise

When cases of coronavirus were rising in Australia, bike sales increased dramatically as people were afraid to travel on any form of public transport. The safest way to get from A to B was to travel alone on a motorbike wearing a helmet. The pandemic has changed our lives in several ways and having a bike is advantageous.

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