It Doesn’t Make Any Sense To Buy When You Can Hire For The Duration.


If you are a contractor then you have probably found yourself in many situations where you needed a certain piece of plant or machinery and it just wasn’t cost-effective to buy it outright. This meant that you had to miss out on many government contracts and private contracts, and this must have been incredibly frustrating as a business owner to have to walk away from these lucrative dealings. There are many large jobs out there which involve the erection of large-scale buildings like warehouses and tall apartment blocks and you will not even be considered for the job if you don’t have heavy equipment like a crane for example.

It doesn’t make any sense financially to spend literally millions of dollars on a piece of equipment that you might only need to use occasionally and so thankfully help is at hand and it comes in the form of excellent crane hire companies in Perth. The above should explain why it makes far more sense to rent a piece of plant and equipment for the day or longer rather than to buy it, but if you need a little bit more convincing then the following are some of the other reasons why it makes more sense to hire a crane rather than to purchase one.

  • It is a money saver – This isn’t one of those situations where you’re only saving yourself a few bucks because the cost of a crane is not insignificant and if you want one that can pretty much do everything that you need to do then you could be looking at well over $1 million just to purchase it. You’re going to commit yourself to paying back a financial institution for the next 15 to 20 years for an item that you’re not even sure that you’re going to use that much. It makes far more sense to hire a crane for the duration that you need it for and you can factor in the costs of doing so when you make your tender.
  • It’s a time saver – I am sure that you have find yourself in a situation where certain pieces of building equipment need to be moved from one point on the building site to another, and so you have to dedicate a certain amount of employees to do the lifting and carrying and this is very time intensive. These are people that you could be using elsewhere which will allow you to may be finished the contract on time if you just had access to a crane to lift everything in one go.

These are two excellent reasons why hiring heavy plant and machinery like a crane for the day or longer, makes a lot more sense than spending a lot of your hard-earned cash purchasing one outright.

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