What do I need to kickstart my auto workshop?



As the automobile industry booms, so does the auto mechanic follow suit. This is not surprising, but the level of competition present in this industry makes one see the need to evolve. This industry is a non-static one as it is constantly advancing. Therefore it is a no-brainer to mention that the industry is quite capital intensive. In the same light, there are a lot of benefits in the field, but only with the right strategies and attitude is this obtainable.

This article will share some things you must readily have in your auto workshop if you intend to stand stride-for-stride with the competition.

What do I need in my auto workshop?


To complete necessary diagnostics and inspections, every auto mechanic must be able to view or access underneath the vehicles. To raise the car to the height required for these services, your shop will require lifts.

You must align your requirements to the numerous lift models and capacities that are out there in the market. There are a lot of characteristics to put into consideration. One of which should be the safety question, two-post vs. four-post design. Also, you must consider the power requirements and accessories.

Compressor (Inflatable)

Many instruments in your shop, including inflatable tools and some vehicle lifts, may require the use of an air compressor. Get the largest capacity compressor that is most affordable while also ensuring that you have enough power to meet your shop’s requirement — a sixty- or one-hundred-and-twenty-gallon compressor makes a good example of what you need.

Battery apparatus

It is not rocket science that most of your jobs will include worn-out batteries or charging issues, but as an auto mechanic, you already know this. However, your auto workshop will require a very standard battery charger and jumper to conduct these services. You wouldn’t have to spend a lot of money, but because you’ll be getting many battery-related issues, it becomes imperative to show off some of your best work gadgets to your clients. This also helps them spread your gospel.

Engine hoist

Even if you aim to become a full-blown digitally inclined auto workshop, this equipment is very necessary for you because one way or the other, when your shop gets engine-related issues, you need to lift the engine off the vehicle. With this addition, amongst others to your auto workshop, you can hardly be referred to as an amateur or inept auto technician.

Auto shop management software

The automobile industry is very intense and competitive, so as necessary as all the other equipment mentioned above and devices, your auto workshop’s digitization is also equally important.

You must have software that helps you run diagnostics on vehicles, those that help your customers order before even stepping foot in your workshop, like repair order software, and those that support them estimate what their car issues might cost. This would go a long way in determining how well your workshop does over time.


You should endeavor to carry out extensive research about more of the things you need to set your workshop on the right footing, and we recommend that you pay particular emphasis to the digitization of your workshop as it makes an equal player in the field with some, while sending you way ahead of many others in the field.

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