Tips to Hire an Affordable Motorbike Shipping Company


Motorcycle riding is exciting, fun, and thrilling, but having it transported to another state may seem a little bit daunting. It is an asset just like your four-wheeler and home. One thing is certain that no one will prefer to pay a fortune in having their motorbike transported to another destination. Besides, no one will desire to have their motorcycle delivered with scratches and dents.

For American citizens, ‘Ship a Car, Inc.’ has become a familiar name for vehicle transportation. The SAC staff has 30+ years of shipping and transportation sector. You can depend on them to ship a motorcycle safely across the US. If you reside outside the US, then you need to look for a reliable vehicle transport company.

If you are tight on budget or moving to a new place that takes not more than 24 hours, then it is sensible to get a trailer or truck and move it yourself. However, it is sensible to hire a professional transport company if you are moving cross-country.

Tips to Hire an affordable motorbike shipping company


Research the motorcycle shipper properly. Reputation is essential or you can expect damages because of reckless driving or improper tie-downs. Ensure that the provider has several years of experience in shipping motorcycles. The experienced shipping team is well-aware of the tie-down process like using minimal 4-straps with hooks that never come in contact with the bike. Thus, small scratches can be avoided.

It is better to pay a worth price at the start for high-quality services as it saves the hassle and money for potential damage repairs due to hiring cheap shippers. Say NO to service compromise!

Read and understand the fine prints

Before signing a contract, read and understand the fine prints. Get familiar with the services that add to the give you the final cost. Never hesitate to ask about hidden charges that can arise later. Getting clear on this aspect will save surprises and headaches while making the final payment. A reliable shipping company defines every fee clearly in their estimates, so you will not get any surprises.

Correct carrier choice

You will get to choose trailer options – open and enclosed. The first one is significantly cheap than the latter one. The option chosen will depend on the distance of the final destination. For shorter distance, you can go for an open carrier but if it is thousands of miles then opt for an enclosed carrier. You will pay more for an enclosed option, but your motorcycle will be protected from weather damages that get experienced in an open trailer. A reliable shipping provider provides –

  • Specialty trucks with secure ramps or the liftgate to load and unload the motorcycle. An air-suspension ride ensures that the bike will not bounce during transit, which can cause unwanted shocks, forks, and unsealing.
  • Special hardware like custom pallets, skids, spacing bars, harnesses, wheel chocks, etc.
  • Soft and robust nylon tie-downs and handlebars to protect the finishes.

Carries the right insurance

Shipping companies need to carry sufficient insurance. Check it to find the shipper’s basic coverage level. Ask about how they handle damages or accidents or theft claim.

Compare the quotes of 4 to 5 shipping companies. Every shipment differs, but you will need to consider the fees included in the final price. Confirm the details to avoid hidden charges later!

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